A Pro-Life Organization


There can be no human rights for someone who is denied the right to life. We at Lincoln Right to Life believe a person’s right to life begins at conception and ends at his or her natural death. We are a nonprofit organization that represents many faiths. We provide education about abortion-related and end of life issues and support for people who take an active role in changing the hearts and minds of those in and around Lincoln who are involved in, or considering, abortion.

    You are invited to watch a premiere showing of the highly-acclaimed pro-life movie “Voiceless” Sunday, Oct. […]

    Evening Seminar on speaking to our culture about abortion and marriage with of truth and honesty. […]

    Autumn 2016 – 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil at Lincoln Planned Parenthood. September 28-November 6, […]

    Diaper Heaven is a pro-life ministry that provides hope by supporting the families who have chosen […]


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